Third Edition

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The third edition of Nation Dates: Events that have shaped the nation of New Zealand was published in October 2017.

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Authors: Wendy McGuinness
Editor: Alexandra Hollis and Ella Reilly
Cover Designer: Ashley Brown




About this cover design
The cover for this edition was designed by Institute’s in-house designer Ashley Brown. The illustration was inspired by the Māori Poutama pattern, which is often featured on the woven panels of meeting houses. The Poutama, a series of steps leading upwards to the sky, can be seen as representing levels of learning and personal development, the metaphorical climb towards greater understanding that we undertake every day. For some iwi, the Poutama also symbolises the journey Tāne undertook when he climbed through the twelve realms to obtain ngā kete o te wananga (the baskets of knowledge) for human kind.

Different iwi have varying interpretations of ngā kete. Kete aronui can generally be understood as the basket of love, peace, and arts and crafts, and is sometimes also known as the basket of the humanities — ritual, literature and philosophy. Kete tuatea can be known as the basket of the unknown, dark arts, evil and war, as well as agriculture, wood work, stone work and earth works. Kete tuauri can be seen as the basket of sacred knowledge of the ancestors relating to the creation of the world. It holds the knowledge of ritual, memory and karakia and is generally known as the basket of light. (Adapted from Tangaere, 1997, with input from Anna-Marei Kurei).


About the Editors
Alexandra Hollis joined the Institute in November 2016 to work alongside Wendy editing the third edition. She has a BA in English Literature and a MA in Creative Writing from Victoria University.






Ella Reilly joined the Institute in February 2016 and recently completed her MA(Dist) in English Literature at Victoria University. She holds a BA(Hons) in English and a BA in English and History from the University of Auckland.






References to the third edition
Comprehensive table of references A–M (with links) can be found here.
Comprehensive table of references N–Z (with links) can be found here.


Previous editions
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Fourth edition
While we have only recently published the third edition of Nation Dates, we are already thinking about events to include in the fourth edition, to be published in 2019. We welcome public feedback and suggestions, which can be made here or by emailing