We are proud to announce the publication of the second edition of Nation Dates! After receiving a lot of great feedback from those who loved the first edition, we have added 85 new significant dates, and two new chapters (Peace Support Operations and Treaty Settlements).

We’ve also updated the cover, which now folds out to show New Zealand’s ‘genetic code’ – a visualisation of the historic threads. At the back we’ve presented infographics showing the evolution of New Zealand’s land cover and seabed.

Some new additions to our timeline include:
• 1867 – British Victoria Cross awarded to a New Zealander
• 1878 – Land tax introduced
• 1890 – Labour Day established
• 1898 – First New Zealand film
• 1904 – First use of the kiwi as a symbol of the nation
• 1923 – First conservation organisation established
• 2011 – Rena oil spill
• 2012 – Waitangi Tribunal report on the Wai 262 claim released

Genetic Code of New Zealand’s Past

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Wendy and Miriam