Sustainable Future Institute launches EmpowerNZ Project Launch

Nation Dates informs the research for our latest project, Project Constitutional Review. Chapter 9 of Nation Dates discusses the current constitutional review and thread 2 on pages 144 – 146 tracks constitutional developments throughout the history of our nation.

Today is three years since the Relationship and Confidence and Supply Agreement between the National Party and the Māori Party (16 November 2008) agreed to establish a group to consider constitutional issues, including Māori representation. The EmpowerNZ website is launched today as part of the Sustainable Future Institute’sProject Constitutional Review. This website aims to create awareness and spark discussion around the current constitutional review so that all New Zealanders, and in particular 18‐ to 25‐year‐olds, can engage with the Constitutional Advisory Panel in an informed and considered manner.

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We now have a new 'feedback' tab on this website. This is where you can go to give us your thoughts and reflections on Nation Dates and contribute to future editions. In the back of the book you will see there is a space to jot down dates you feel are missing, our...

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Interview with Chris Laidlaw on Radio NZ

Wendy was invited to join Chris Laidlaw on yesterday's Sunday programme on Radio New Zealand to discuss Nation Dates. Chris and Wendy had a lively discussion about the significance of New Zealand’s history to our future. Chris also quizzed Wendy about her passion for...

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Nation Dates reviewed by Lily Richards on 95bFM

Earlier this month Nation Dates was reviewed by Unity Book's Lily Richards on Auckland's 95bFM. Lily has a great perspective on the book: 'This isn't dry or boring, or it doesn't make me feel like I'm at school - it makes me feel like this is the kind of book that...

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Launch at Unity Books in Wellington

A big thank you to everyone who attended the launch last night! We had a fabulous evening at Unity Books in Wellington. We hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did. Kelly took heaps of photos and these will be posted today so please check back later to view. I...

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Nation Dates Launched

Nation Dates has been launched 6 September at Unity Books in Wellington. You can now purchase Nation Dates direct from our online store, or in store at Unity Books. We will keep you updated as the book becomes available at more locations. There has been a great deal...

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