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Notes on references used in the Third edition

Where possible, we used sources originating from the Ministry of Culture and Heritage (Te Ara: The Encyclopaedia of New Zealand and New Zealand History: Nga korero a ipurangi o Aotearoa).

In the process of revising Nation Dates for the third edition we found that the links to many of the web-based references used for the first and second editions were broken. To ensure reliable access to the research used for Nation Dates, we have scanned and uploaded the relevant sections of each source, which are accessible by clicking the links in the tables below.

Please note that:

  • Acts of Parliament referred to in Nation Dates are not included in this reference list. They are publicly accessible at (for legislation currently enacted) and (for legislation not currently enacted).
  • The text of Royal Commission reports up to 1950 may be found at As with Acts of Parliament, these have not been specifically referenced in text.
  • The text of referenced personal communications are not available on this website, although we have listed these at the end of the N-Z table. All political party genealogies (see Chapter 5) have been directly confirmed by the parties themselves through personal communications.


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